Sr./ Data Engineer

Taipei City, Taiwan
Data Engineer/Machine Learning
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities
  • Develop and maintain data pipeline will be the primary responsibility
  • Maintain, expand and improve our ETL process and computational infrastructure
  • Working with different sources of data (Web crawling and data feed) to process and transform them during ETL process
  • Ensure and sustain data quality, such as error detection and report generation
  • Responsible of initiatives related to building, maintaining and orchestrating all the components in data platform
Required Qualifications
  • Familiar with search engine (elasticsearch or solr)
  • Familiar with web crawling (scrapy, etc.)
  • Experience in workflow management tool (airflow, nifi, etc.)
  • Passion for software development and committed to delivering outstanding work
  • Familiar with Linux operating system
  • Good programming skill in Python
Preferred Qualifications
  •  Experience in massive data processing platform (hadoop, spark, etc.) 
Application Form
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